Knowing Me, Knowing You

Zero Zero Robotic is a Beijing based startup company who wants to release a device capable of flying, folding and following. So we talk about a drone, portable and always with you on the go. Very few other devices are able to do that: be so low profile and have a follow me feature.

Hover Camera is so far the only way they call it, but to us it seems like a good and appropriate name. Because this cool gadget can offer you an experience with a drone unmatched by most of the competition’s devices. Basically, you’ll get the sensation of being inside an MMORPG game. Very soon you will both learn everything about each other. Everyone in the family could enjoy this toy.

The main camera at the front of it has a 13-megapixel sensor, and can be responsible for 4K videos. Dual-tone flash, electronic image stabilization, a downward-facing 3-megapixel camera and a sonar underneath to help make the drone stable in the air are all checked on the specifications list. A modern era smartphone should provide these too, but the question of lifting it in the air without tearing it apart upon falling remains open.

Take The Most Out Of The Hover Camera Drone

The drone is entirely enclosed by a strong carbon fiber frame, making it safe and sturdy. But the real advantage of it is that no fingers will be harmed when using it. You can grab it while in the air, hovering around you. For a drone with a follow me feature, this is essential. There’s no controller, either. Everything is done with your own fingers, who stay safe at all times. In the mobile app, as long as you’re connected to the drone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, you’re good to go. A single finger drag means the camera’s pitch and the drone’s yaw, while a two-finger drag will change the altitude and horizontal direction. Finally, two dedicated buttons are here for moving forward and backward. There’s nothing more to it, pretty cool, eh?

The Hover Camera weighs only 238 grams, and when it’s folded, it measures no more than a VHS cassette tape. The A.I. algorithm is completely developed by the company, and makes a Qualcomm Snaprdagon Flight platform its main star. No distress about it becoming too hot and steamed, but the downward airflow will cool the chipset, thanks to the amazing design. The app gives you live streaming and the possibility for a 720p copies of the 4K videos. An internal memory of 32GB is used for storage. So far, all is in open beta. You can board the hype train too.