It all began with the smartphone. Then we had the smart watch, the smart TV, and smart homes. It was just a matter of time before the humble bed got smart as well.

The Future Of Sleep

Hi Interiors gave the world a taste of how future generations will sleep with the first iteration of the HiBed. Designed by the renowned Italian architect, Fabio Vinella, the second iteration of the smart bed is now ready for release.

What has certainly impressed tech gurus is the how the HiBed combines the best of the old school with elements of the brand new. A simple, wooden frame, with a touch of modernism cradles a memory foam mattress that will contour to your specific body shape each night, before resetting in the morning after you wake up.

The smart aspects come into play with bio-monitoring systems that check on your sleep patterns as well as analyse air quality and noise levels. In other words, it ensures a perfect night’s rest.

The Smart Bed

Apart from sleep, the smart bed provides a complete entertainment capsule with a blank screen fitted above the footrest. Now you can stream and watch all your favourite Netflix shows without ever leaving your bed.

The future of sleep has certainly arrived with the HiBed. Order yours now, if you can scoop up $36.000.         


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