Yeti is known to be in the business of making sure that you can easily consume your drinks. Because Yeti likes to take things above and beyond, it’s no surprise they designed this product. Yeti recently released what they call their „Brick Bottle Opener”. The name alone should tell you what to expect from the product.

Consequently, because the name is so heavy, the product needs to be as well. At a whopping 3/4 of a pound, this thing actually has the ability to break caps. ¬†Also, it’s built from stainless steel. The importance of that is the fact that they didn’t paint it. Yeti wants this to look like a piece of metal to help improve upon the name. So alongside the fact this it looks and feels the part, it’s built in simplicity. The finish on the piece fits in well with just about any location. Whether you want it on your bar for your beer, or your desk at work, it just screams class.

The Yeti bottle opener stands about an inch tall, and 5 and 1.4 inches long. It also pushes about 3/4 inches wide as well. So the brick can’t be misplaced easily. This limited edition design makes an amazing gift for any beer advocate in your life. Or if you a little bit more selfish, you could totally just snag one for yourself. This product isn’t going to be around for long as supplies are limited. So the time has come, light the beacon for a new¬†bottle opener.

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