A lot of fuss over the lack of audio jack on the latest iPhone. Imagine the revolution instigated by a MacBook without a keyboard, then. This MacBook Pro 2018 concept is built for the pleasure of designers. How exactly is that working out?

Well, for starters, you don’t get a keyboard. However, the reason is not to make it slimmer or lighter. In fact, the physical keyboard was replaced with a touchpad. Still, the gimmick does not take away the entire pleasure of physical keys. Apparently, the integration of Apple Taptic Engine gives a similar feedback when pressing.

To some extent, the extended touchpad is removing the need for a graphic tablet. Since Apple Pen is now compatible with MacBook Pro, apps like Photoshop or Sketchbook get enhanced uses.

Would you use it? Personally, I’m in love with the clicking sound of plastic keys (and delighted by mechanical ones). There’s yet to be an electronical thingie that will replicate or who knows, enhance the tap-tap feeling.

Here’s how it looks:

Source: Daniel Brunsteiner, Yanko Design