When it comes to survival tools, efficiency is all that matters. Even so, we like our knives to look and feel good, as well as other pieces of survival gear. Fortunately, Trencher multi purpose survival shovel combines the ultimate three digging, sawing and cutting tools into a rugged yet finished package.


Good ol’ grit

If you do a quick online search for survival shovels, you are most likely to get around various small-sized folding shovels, ready to aid you while trenching or digging for water. However, CRKT differentiate from the herd as it allows you not only to dig, but also to saw or chop wood using its sides.


A textured rubber grip runs along the whole surface of the handle, offering stability when using the shovel and ensuring it won’t fall out of your hand. At a closer inspection, you will find a wire cutter mechanism emplaced at the base of the handle. you might never know when you need to cut your way through barbed wire, so this may come in handy.

Designed for a man

The overall aspect of CRKT Trencher inspires towards a manly attitude. The exterior is finished properly but without losing its rugged, ready for war aspect. From bolts to cup and handle, only high tensile steel has been used – it sure won’t let you down when you least expect it.



And while it may not qualify as an everyday carry (EDC) item – the CRKT trencher makes a great buddy and should be added to your belt or backpack every single time you go out in the woods or hike the mountain coast. Even if you may not find yourself in a survival situations, the shovel will at least make your work easier.