The JBL Flip 3, The Finale Of An Intriguing Trilogy

Blasting a party is a job divided in three: the tunes, the guy doing it and the speakers. If you’re looking to fast-forward your way into taking care of them all, we present to you the JBL Flip 3. It’s a nice Bluetooth speaker, you can take it with you everywhere, as it weighs a little bit less than half a kilogram, and the bang you get for your buck is actually impressive. It’s also cheaper than the JBL Flip 2 and faced different but certain improvements since the last two releases of the series.

One example is the battery life, standing at around 10 hours. Also, the quality of the sound and the touch of the bass is qualified, with 2×8 watts of sound power, which can cover any noise in a crowded room. It’s definetly not a speaker for your birthday party, but when used, it touches the right cords. If you don’t go too far, meaning less than 4 meters, and don’t pitch the volume to the highest value, the JBL Flip 3 is a strong recommendation.

Specs, Connectivity And Extras

The speaker is designed with a built-in noise and echo cancellation system, via a speakerphone. The speaker uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology, with a streaming range of about 10 meters, the usual wireless one. You can also link multiple JBL devices coming out as Connect-enabled speakers, in order to amplify not only the sound volume, but the quality too. It is done using the free app available for both iOS and Android devices.

The gadget is splash-proof (meaning any droplets won’t make any harm; everything’s good as long you don’t submerge it) and sells at a price other competitors can only envy. If you’re not too much of a critic, you will enjoy this one. Even if you are, you will find yourself complimenting and enjoying the majority of the good things this standing speaker can do. You can opt for any of the eight colors available, including black, blue, red, pink, peal or grey.





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