With the warm weather just around the corner everyone is starting to think about spending more time outdoors and the easiest way to have a great time with your friends and get some fresh air is to have a barbecue party. Just imagine a slow Sunday afternoon, your back yard is filled with the laughter of your friends and family, you have a cold beer in your hand, standing next to a delicious barbecue.


A German designer Thomas Kaiser seems to know all of this and he has come up with a stainless-steel Cube Fire Pit that will meet all of your needs. It is a sleek looking black basket that not only looks great with any sort of surroundings but is also very practical. The cube is built in a way that the actual fire sits in a bowl that is suspended within the pit. They claim that the firebowl is always in balance, by the means of gravity. It gives a nice steady flame.


Once you are done with the fire for the night all you have to do is turn the cube on its side and your work is done because at this position the pit is deprived from oxygen and the fire will thus be extinguished. The good thing about this is that the cube is really heavy on the bottom and you will not have to worry about it turning over.


The cube also comes with a matching cooking grate so you can always use it as a grill and it comes with a nice Oak board so you can use it as a stool for when you just don’t need a fire. The price is a bit steep but it is stainless-steel and it could last you a long time.