Have you always wanted to have a home full of wonderful plants but they never seem to thrive and grow in an indoors environment in a way you imagined? It is probably not your fault as there are numerous reasons why this happens to plants indoors – they do not get enough light like they would in nature, the air is too dry, you don’t know how to water them properly etc. This EcoQube is the new solution to this old problem. Eric and Kevin, to students and friends from San Diego decided to use their knowledge of aquariums to find a solution to this problem. They hope that the EcoQube is the next step towards a healthier and more sustainable world.

Improve air quality in your house


With the EcoQube you can grow plants right in your apartment, without direct sunlight. The Qube provides the exact amount of light that the plant needs to grow with a programmed full-spectrum of LED lights. And dry air will not be a problem any more as the covered greenhouse maintains the optimal humidity and warmth for the plant. And the cool thing is that the Qube has two integrated fans that circulate air and feed CO2 to the plant – in that way the plant has super healthy stems. Another thing that the airflow system does is that it gets rid of sterile and dirty indoor air and acts as a humidifier.


The EcoQube also has a fun phone app that you can use to program various things, like the production of the right amount of light at the right time or the change of color or to control the light from across the room. You can even emulate different weather patterns like cloud cover or lightning storms to add some fun.