If you’re one of the many people who come home from their busy and stressful life they have at work and all they want to do is loosen up a little bit by listening some music, drinking a glass of wine and sitting in their favorite piece of furniture in the house, then you’d like to hear about this chair designed to combine two of these things.

KBH is a company committed to the craft of making handmade furniture. The KBH Chair is a chair with a Nordic-influenced design and was created by Kim Dolva. While not too many people think about a chair designed for music listening, he came up with this idea. He basically created a comfortable chair where people can sit in for hours, where they can shut everything out and listen to some good music. This chair is the perfect way of people reuniting with themselves, of having that private time with their soul.

The KBH Chair is a combination between a very minimalist and quite cool speaker and a classic piece of furniture, both fitting together perfectly. It is made out of a resistant medium fumed oak designed at a high quality. It is not too big, but also not too small, so it will fit nicely wherever you want it to.

The seat was designed to complement the launch of a new Sonos product, the SUB subwoofer. It can fit neatly underneath the chair, giving you probably the best sound experience you can get without using a pair of headphones while sitting on a chair. The subwoofer can also be used on its own anywhere in the house, giving you some quality sound.

Nowadays, reconnecting with ourselves is very important and seems like many people forget this. This chair will give you the opportunity of getting some quality time and thinking about anything while relaxing and listening to music.

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