Alongside great training, amazing volunteers and an urge to fight and protect, there’s something else that makes law enforcement and military units really good at what they do.

It’s the equipment they use and trust with their lives everyday. Whether its the boots, camo suit, the weapon or the helmet, people fighting against criminals require the utmost level of safety.

Ceradyne, a 3M subsidiary, developed a new helmet model that promises to provide a huge amount of performance boost in the military and law enforcement fields. The IHPS stands for Integrated Head Protection System. This ballistic helmet uses space-age materials and is extremely modular and configurable.

The Ceradyne IHPS is built to stop bullets from pistols and rifles from penetrating into the skull of the soldier or special police officers, as well as protect in case of blunt force hits.

The helmet comes with hearing protection by default. This will reduce the noise stress caused by fired bullets and also provide a level of protection against loud explosions and flashbangs.

The helmet can be configured to take in night vision goggles, a visor with digital display as well as even a higher level of protection.

After receiving a $34 million million contract from the United States Military, Ceradyne stated that the helmet will become available for useĀ  in the first trimester of 2018.


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