This is a time and age where vintage styles are seamlessly blended with modern age technology. The return of Record Players to popularity, the focus on older styles of clothing, things of that nature. The latest number in the new age of design is called the Lofree Keyboard. This design takes inspiration from typewriters, round keys, a classic yet contemporarily style, ect.

However, just because it seems older, that doesn’t mean it is. As a result of the rise of Bluetooth, this piece has the ability to link up to 3 different devices. Alongside that, this sleek design has three different backlight options for different feels that can be easily adjusted. Also, it comes in many different colors, so even a board that doesn’t light up has a look that you can appreciate. The Lofree keyboard is good at connecting to most modern operating systems, so you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll link up to your devices.