„Tell your stories the way they are meant to be told; with you at the center of it.” – The Staaker

It’s hard to figure out a better way to start off a review of this drone. That motto on the company’s main page is a solid identity for the actual product. The Staaker is a product that is built from the mind of a skate boarder. A Norwegian man wanted to find a way to provide professional videos without investing thousands of dollars in equipment.

However, it cost him a lot more time and money then he thought it would. So after several tries and enlisting the help of a team of professionals he finally accomplished it. The Staaker is a fully autonomous drone that is focused capturing the perfect shots and video. With five different settings, The Staaker is a machine that you definitely want to mark down on your Christmas list.

Basically, The drone is made so that it tracks you and makes you the center of the shot. It hovers above head level so you never have to worry about human interference either. When you’re searching for a product that allows you to record video at a solid level and quality, you’d be hard pressed to find one better then the Staaker.

On top of that, when they ship these drones out (starting in December of 2016), they make the deal awesome. It comes with extra propellers, a battery, and a free casing (while supplies last). The Staaker is the next step in camera work. A drone designed to make you, a star!

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