Prefabrication is in good taste. Yes, with a lot of conditions. One of it being fulfilling a life-long dream of a lot of people. To live on a water surface. I usually dislike a prefabrication, due to it being so common. But Bluefield Houseboats is a completely different story.

Floating, stunning and a minimal energy footprint. Passive design principles dictate. Sunlight, wind or temperature make it so it consumes less and creates more. High quality materials, nothing left to chance. Everything is, of course, customizable. You can have it at 500 square feet and up to 1.800, across one or two stories.

The assembly is on-site and the SMART process is available. This means you can control the house from your Smartphone. Everything is done subject to special conditions, so they can meet certain requirements, just make sure you know how to ask. I think this is the most important aspect, never underestimate it. They talk about it more on their website, where you can also make a formal request. Find a suitable site, discuss, negotiate and make it home to you and your family.

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