Now that 2018 is here, you may keep working like nothing happened. However, we suggest that you jumpstart your productivity and lifestyle.

We’ve put together a few ideas that could boost your productivity, make you more fashionable or give you the chance to relax.

Check them out, below:

1. A fresh pair of sneakers

You can’t step in 2018 without proper footwear. Right? While we’re still in full winter season, plan ahead and get yourself a pair of spring/summer sneakers. Opt for Stan Smith Gore-TEX $136 or Nike’s AirMax Black&Gold pack. Both brands are awesome so the choice is yours!

2. Listen to quality music

We’re never questioning music taste. Whether it’s rap, rock, pop or jazz, it’s important to get the most out of your tunes. Paired with a quality headphone set, the latest Klipsch amplifier will send wonders to your eardrums. At $499, this heritage amplifier requires a bit of an investment, but its guaranteed to pay off.

3. Maybe buy a house?

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit this one’s goes a bit over the top. Nevertheless, you’re going to enjoy CASA MONTAÑA. It was prefabricated in 5 months and took roughly 5 hours to put together. Although it doesn’t look like much, Casa Montana accommodates 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and even a staircase.

4. Get a really fast-charging battery

If you’re constantly checking your phone through the day, it’s wise to have an external battery at hand. And while they do a great job keeping your phone one, external batteries take a long time to charge. Check out Apollo, a graphene-based battery that charges in 25 minutes.

Apollo works with fast-charging technology found in Samsung and Apple phones and is also guaranteed to last for more than 250 thousand charge cycles. It holds just enough juice to fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S8 two times.

5. Plan the ultimate holiday cruise

Yeah, 2018 has just begun and we should focus on getting productive. However, nobody says no to a go-kart track on a cruise ship. Add laser tag, clubs and a bunch of other awesome amenities and you’ve got an amazing adventure at sea. The Norwegian Bliss cruise ship accepts bookings starting at $750.

So, what’s your take? What are going to do to jumpstart 2018? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter (@hispotion).


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