Kickstarter is an amazing thing. It’s the breeding ground for the innovative and the dreamers. A place where game-changing dreams can become a reality. With thanks to the investments of trendsetters and forward-thinkers, the social-investment platform is responsible for some of the ground-breaking technologies to emerge in the last 5 years. Recent products include the Pebble, the original smartwatch that is compatible with your smartphone.

And the newest gadget on the scene does not dissapoint.


Zoom In

West Hollywood based Nurugo have launched a new campaign to fund the world’s smallest microscope for your smartphone. Just when you thought your smartphone couldn’t do much more, Nurogo arrive on the scene, boasting the ability to turn your everyday device into a 400x microscope.

Aiming for a mere $50,000, Nurugo promise to unleash the scientist in us all.

Before you say it, no, Nurugo isn’t just for the lab coats. The simplicity behind the gadget means that the education system can really benefit by enabling kids and students to take part in discovering the microscopic world that surrounds them. With the ability to capture both high resolution photos and video, Nurugo is tipped to become a media sensation thanks to their compatible social application (iOS and Android).



This lightweight new addition to your smartphone does not require any batteries or cables, making it both portable and convenient to use. Due to the slim design, weighing only 4 grams and standing at just 0.5cm thick, the Micro simply clips onto the back of your phone. So there’s no need to continue carrying your huge, traditional microscope everywhere you go. Tell your friends.


Amazingly, Nurugo hit their pledge target in just 4 days – a result that only the biggest Kickstarter successors have managed to achieve. An unsurprising accomplishment considering the pleasantly affordable price of only $49.

Go and back their campaign and help Nurugo change the way you see the world.