We won’t give up our phone’s camera. Slowly but steadily, major smartphone companies have taken away the microSD slot, headphone jack and the home button. The screen and camera are pretty much the only things that couldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) disappear from our phones. Furthermore, we can easily see how phone cameras get better and better. However, these are still highly limited by the reduced dimension of the lens.

Introducing Lemuro

Tired of carrying around a smartphone, DSLR and a GoPro, designer Hamid Bekradi of HBD Studios decided it’s time for a change. Instead of brining three devices along, Hamid Bekradi developed a set of interchangeable lens that fit most smartphone cameras.

There are four custom lenses which attach on top of your regular smartphone camera, allowing for either wider, further or closer pics. There’s also a fourth, fisheye lens for really wide shots.

For the techy ones out there, here are the specs for the lenses:

  • 18mm/110° FOV Wide Angle lens
  • 25mm 10X Macro lens
  • 60mm 2X Telephoto Portrait lens
  • 8mm 238° Fisheye Lens

Attaching the lens

The lenses snap-on system attaches to the custom made quality leather case. The lenses can be easily switched between in order to capture the ideal photo in any situation. Currently, the lenses and case are compatible with Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus.

You can get the full kit for about $232 on Kickstarter.