If you’re looking to consolidate your everyday carry, then look no further than LFD’s KeyClip Wallet, a patented pocket organizer, the size of a credit card, and as slim as 14 millimeters.

KeyClip’s minimal design gives you instant access to cards, cash, keys and tools. It’s incredibly versatile and boasts features that will vastly simplify your daily routine.

Features like RFID blocking, single-handed key access and a new, neon-green omnidirectional flashlight that doubles as a spotlight come in handy more often than you think. Just make sure you’re not Superman – the light sure does look like kryptonite.

Weighing in at two ounces, KeyClip carries up to eight cards and six keys (or a combination of tools and keys). Depending on how little space you’re willing to give in for this EDC, you can opt for either the thicker 14mm KeyClip-3 or the thinner 9mm C-Clip.

Add-ons include USB drives and a TSA-compliant 4-in- 1 tool, ergonomically designed to open boxes and bottles. KeyClip Wallet 2.0, a minimalist’s dream, is now available on Kickstarter for pre-order ($60-$130).

Left Field Design is a Silicon Valley-based lifestyle accessories brand that develops and makes products arising from personal need and that don’t exist anywhere else.