So far, we’ve got vibration consoles, gesture mimicking joysticks and movement analysis cameras such as Kinect. With such tools, the gamer is able to better control in-game characteristics; it’s way more fun to play golf using a Wii console rather than a keyboard and mouse.

However, little to no feedback is received for the amount of input pushed towards the game. Teslasuit is here to change all that. It is the first full-body haptic suit that literally allows you to feel what your character should experience within the game. In other words, you can touch and feel objects within the game.


The T-belt, basically the brains of the system, connects to mostly any VR device such as Oculus Rift or Google Glass, as well as game consoles and computers. For more advanced users, the bundle package contains a Haptic Editor, allowing you to define your personal sensation patterns.

The pack also includes VR Paintball, the first game ever to support tactile feedback. Not sure how pleasant it is to feel virtual paintballs hitting your chest, though.

teslasuit (1)


So, does anyone else instantly thinking about Matrix (the movie) when seeing the concept? Delivery is expected sometime around April 2016, and with a complete package price of around $2,600.


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