We’ve featured a fair share of knives during the past years, and for good reason. Knives are usually easy to carry, useful, and last but not least, awesome looking. Whether you’re looking for a karambit or a sheath knife, options are as wide as the world. However, there’s usually one element in each design that doesn’t quite tickle your buttons.

How about making your own knife for a change? Not actually forging the metal and cutting the wood, but customize it to your very liking. Meet Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau, the proud developers of Deejo – a lightweight knife concept that can really cut.

What makes it special compared to the sea of knives out there? Mainly, it is about customization. Deejo website lets you put together your own knife, right from the start. First of all, you get to choose the handle. You may select a handle made from various wood, colored metal, ultra strong carbon fiber. Or, you may wish to have it naked.

Next up, the weight. Here, the length of the blade varies with knife weight. The heaviest (37g) Deejo measures 11cm enclosed while the lightest (15g) measures 7cm.

Don’t forget about the blade. Finishing options include a reflective mirror treatment, grey titanium or black titanium. Depending on your choice, you can move on and pair it with a proper blade tattoo. There are too many tattoo models to list them here, so you will have to see for yourself. Obviously, you can also opt-out on the tattoo and keep a clean blade.

Add your name or a memorable quote on the metal side beneath the handle and your Deejo knife is ready to be ordered (price tag rests at about $44.5).