I personally like my coffee dark and bitter. However, I’ve never liked it really hot. This is why this crowdfunding superstar gadget caught my eye. The Arctic Cold Brew coffee system promises to blow your mind with a cold coffee. Well, most of us won’t say no to cold pizza, but how about cold coffee?

The concept is anything but new. Apparently, cold brew coffee originates from the 16th century China. In theory, cold brewing brings a smoother, better tasting result. The Arctic lets you customize the brew in terms of quantity, roast level and brew time.

According to the producer, you need to keep Arctic Cold Brew in your fridge for 12 to 24 hours to finish brewing. However, at the end you are supposedly getting more boost for the buck. The quantity of brew released is higher for the same amount of beans compared to traditional brewing. Furthermore, cold brews can last in the fridge up to two weeks!

If you still despise the idea of cold drinks, there’s hope. You can use the batch of cold brew to create warm drinks as well as cold ones. So yeah, you won’t have to take a trip to the coffee shop every morning, unless you forgot to bring your personal brew from home.

The Arctic Cold Brew Coffee System is eco-friendly, as it does not use any paper filters or plastic cups. The full cold brewing set is available on IndieGoGo for $79.