If you are a fan of the X-Men family, then you definitely shed a tear (at least a moral one) when Logan’s movie credits showed up. It was the end for Wolverine and professor Charles Xavier. However, here’s a great tool to remind you of the adamantium mutant: the indestructible pen.

Altthough it is not made of adamantium, the Click Pen comes close enough. It features a full titanium constrruction. And I mean it. The outer shell, the mechanism, the ball and the spring are all made from solid titanium billets. The reason? On one hand,it looks awesome. On the other hand, titanium is so strong that the oen might very well outlast you. 

With the right type of refill you can even use it to write underwater. Thisis just one of the perks of titanium. It doesn’t lose its properties under water and has tremendous corrosion resistance.

The Titanium ClickPen comes with an adequate titanium milled support so you will feel like a CEO everytime you reach for it. Oh, wait. Maybe you are the CEO. In that case, you definitely need this piece on your desk. 

Get Titanium Pen for $120 on Kickstarter.