Fish finders and depth trackers have been a part of the fisherman’s tool-belt since forever. The newest contender in the field of fish finders took a different route. Instead of installing it into the boat, or the rod itself, it hopped on the Apple Device craze and built an app for it!

Fish Hunter Pro is a lure that you throw into the water. You toss the lure, making sure to keep an eye on it, and then launch the app. What you do next is you simply watch as the screen lights up the depth and reveals location of nearby fish. Then you cast and wait. Of course it can’t catch the fish for you, but it can give you a leg up.

The app gives you the ability to switch between two different views. One focuses on the fish, the other on bottom depth and other markers. Using the two views in sync will help you map out the general shape of the lake, as well as the fish location. Also, it’s surprisingly useful when it comes to Ice fishing as well!

The split screen ice view can last in temperatures as low as -22 Degrees Fahrenheit. It measures the temperature, depth and much more from the lake. It’s not the same thing as the normal view, but you’re not looking for the same thing with Ice Fishing. When you’re looking for a step up against those tricky fish, technology is your friend. The Fish Hunter Pro is your newest best friend!

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