Don’t wish you could make your smartphone battery hold longer? I find it particularly frustrating when it gives up on me at the most unfortunate time. Desperately searching for an Uber or browsing for train schedule? That’s about the time when my phone’s battery drops dead. Of course, I am currently using an external power bank. However, I wished I haven’t had to carry any unnecessary deadweight around just to make sure I can answer calls.

It’s all about capacity

So, how about actually making my smartphone battery hold longer? Earlier this week, researchers from University of Florida managed a breakthrough in capacitor research. The new battery concept uses supercapacitors to store huge amounts of energy. Furthermore, this bendable battery charges in mere seconds and can do so for 30,000 cycles without losing efficiency. Compare this to a Li-Ion battery that usually dies after 500 cycles.

Nanowire Rechargeable Smartphone Battery

Professor Nitin Choudhary, one of the lead researches on the project stated you won’t need to recharge your phone for over a week, when using this super-battery. This is all possible thanks to modern supercapacitors that use 1 nanometer thin wires. These wires are both superconductive (hence the ultra-fast charging) and can store humongous amounts of energy.

One  super-lasting battery please

I want my smartphone battery to hold longer. So, where do I get one of these thingies? Unfortunately, the system is still in the research phase, and it will definitely take a while until major electronics brands will add it to the mix.

Since most devices currently use Lithium-Ion batteries, a jump to an exponentially better energy storage system would revolute the industry. Combining the research with currently existing technology such as Qi charging and you won’t have to actually lay your phone down for charging.