Let’s be honest here, it is not a proper morning if there is no good coffee around. Or even worst, if there isn’t any coffee at all! The best way to start your day is with a perfect cup of hot coffee in your hand. You just know that things are going to go well after something like that and that you began your day the right way.

But when you know that your day is going to start at the construction site or somewhere in the middle of the woods you don’t want to drink cold coffee from a plastic thermos. You want the good stuff. Thankfully the COFFEEBOX has arrived on the scene. It is a single cup brewing system that can withstand anything life throws at it.

No matter what kind of environment the Oxx COFFEEBOX is put in, you can be sure that it will deliver excellent coffee. People who work in hard conditions deserve quality when they take a break. First of all it is waterproof, so don’t worry about rain or snow or hosing it down by accident. It is also dust proof and spill proof. You can chop down a tree next to it and it will still give you good coffee.

The shell is resistant to impact and the components are rust resistant. It is very easy to carry around as the handle is rubberized and it has a fold-up dip tray. The water tank can take 2.5L and it is removable (nice thing when it comes to cleaning it). The cup size is adjustable (8/10/12 oz) and K-cup compatible. If somebody is not in the mood for coffee there is a separate hot water dispenser for tea or maybe oatmeal or noodles. No matter where you take it you can rest assured it will not break or spill.

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