How many of us have trouble falling asleep? With smartphones invading our bedrooms, our minds are unable to switch off and drift to sleep. You can reduce smartphone dependency with the Loftie Alarm.

Sleep Better

The alarm offers a simple solution for better sleep: Don’t wake up to your smartphone alarm. Instead, wake up to soothing sounds and soft light. The Loftie Alarm plays natural sounds that help you transition from night to daytime. You can choose from a variety of sounds that you will hear first thing in the morning.

The intelligent alarm applies science to your sleep. With a two-phase system, the Loftie gently wakes you from deep slumber, then gives you a fresh burst to start your day.

Relax Without Your Phone

Our minds are wired to the constant updates that pop on our phones. We remain in a state of permanent alertness. Time to relax. The Loftie Alarm offers guided meditation, Sound Baths, and musical notes to breathe easy and deeper.

An impressive feature of the alarm is the soft light that accompanies your wake up. It resembles the soft sunlight on a clear day. No more blue light from your phone.

The Loftie Alarm is a step closer to better, healthy sleep.