Is it a camera with a phone in it? Or vice versa? How does one go about describing the difference? Ultimately the final decision falls in your hands. Kodak has turned around and released a product that no one had imagined. When the company announces its Ektra, the smartphone for photographers, they made sure to pack it with features.

As a result of all the technology available with cameras these days, they had to choose the best features to attach to the phone. They include an Intuitive Touchscreen DSLR Dial, giving them many different functions.

Also, it includes a Customizable Manual Mode and an Extensive Scene Mode Selection. Essentially, they wanted the build the camera that people could rely on. One they could use in their everyday lives and for business! As a result, they managed to create a product that far exceeded their expectations.

Even the tech specifications on the camera are rather impressive. Whether you’re a photography hobbyist or a professional, this is a camera phone you absolutely want.

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