Who does not wish to have an organised desk? It looks cleaner and the clutter-free space enables you to focus better, be more productive. The only trouble is organising the work desk.

You have a million little things that clamour for space: the laptop, your phone, notepads, stationary, stick it notes. And in the midst of all this you will need also space for your beloved coffee mug.

The time has come to ‘transform’ the office desk.

Transformer Desk Organiser

Stealtho has come up with a concept that offers a one-stop solution to all your organising worries. Taking inspiration from its pop culture namesake, the Transformer Desk Organiser is a single, horizontal tile that holds all essential items in one place. Including a cactus plant!

The tile will host a USB port with multiple hubs and even a micro SD card reader. On top of the port will stand a wireless charging port that can double up as a phone and tablet stand with an ergonomic viewing angle that will make it easy for Skype or FaceTime. Maybe even watch your favourite show.

The tile also has space for a headphone stand where you can stick your reminder notes as well. The cherry on top of the cake is the cute cactus plant that fits snugly in a small portion of the tile.

Stealtho has been raising funds on Kickstarter to ‘transform’ their concept into a physical product.


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