The First Smart Air Conditionig System

Noria is the first window air conditioning device designed, thought and materialized with the person using it, you, in mind. Let’s make this one thing clear, this air conditioner is different, and not only in design, from what we’re used to seeing. It’s because Noria is easy to install, it’s lightweight, has a smart outlook and it’s less noisy.

Creators of Noria, which is a completely funded Kickstarter project, say about this thing of beauty that it’s a pain-free experience with a window air conditioner. I like to call it the first smart-air conditioning system. Why so? Well, this home appliance is accesible via Bluetooth. Your iPhone or Android device can schedule when to start, when to stop or you can create energy saving schedules. There is a fresh air mode bringing the outside air directly inside. Very useful for a cool evening in September. This is just the tip of the iceberg when discussing the features. It’s a small object, but a big device.

Noria Wants You, And You Want Noria

Noria is available with a special made window frame adapter. A safe and easy installation, with no bulky objects in an open window. With this adapter, a secure and sealed locket is created, and Noria is easily slided inside. Just imagine how you can have it removed and moved around the house.

The interface is very easy to control. A single knob to rule them all. Everyone can understand how to use it and get a quality time inside. Everything is done in quiet, rain falling outside or a normal conversation are considered louder than it. All in all, if you want a good device to cool the air inside a room, there are plenty out there. But if you want the best, if you want to feel like a king inside your house, then there is only one for you. Noria.





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