Do you have guests coming over for drinks and your place looks like a hoarder’s nest? Is your mother coming for lunch? Or are you just tired of living in a messy environment? No matter what it is don’t worry – a good plan and some nice cleaning products will make everything right. Cleaning can be fun and a sort of freeing experience once you know how to do it.

Nothing gets gone without good music, so get your favorite upbeat album and start off with nice vibes going through your house.

It is best to start in your bedroom, I bet you have socks lying on the floor and clothes all over the bed, so got it all in your laundry basket or straight in your washing machine.Clean-lines-sunlight-make-large-bedroom-look-even-more

The bathroom. This is the bit that needs your special attention because a clean house is the house that has a spotless bathroom. First put away your toiletries and towels and spray all the hard surfaces with cleaning product. Leave it like that for about 5 to 10 minutes and in the meantime do the same in the kitchen. Spray all the surfaces:  the counters, the stove top, the stove door, find a product that removes greasy stains from your floor.

Return to the bathroom and wipe down all the surfaces, clean the inside of your toilet. Use some antibacterial product for the outside of the toilet.

Go to the living room, fold the blankets and clean the coffee table, stack the magazines, put all the cable cords in one drawer or box.

Return to the kitchen and wipe everything clean. Wash all the dishes and wipe the sink and the faucet.MDB7760AWS1

And you are done. The whole house is clean and lovely in under an hour.


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