Your favorite cup.

You all have got it. No point in denying it. It’s that one you instinctively take out of the cupboard to pour coffee, tea, or that one cup making your office days manageable.

Your new favorite cup

Designed with reusability in mind, HUNU will serve its purpose (aka boosting you through the day) then fold neatly and get back into your pocket.

What if you have tight pockets? Well, thankfully, HUNU was designed to shrink down to just 2cm or three quarters of an inch. This makes it affordable for almost any pocket size.

What else is there?

For starters, being small isn’t enough. If you’re anything like me and won’t take anything but a large coffee to start your morning, the cup better be fit for a king!

HUNU will not only accommodate most coffee sizes, but will also help you measure them. Each fold is significant for a particular coffee type. Check it out below:

The spill protector

Don;t you hate it when that last drop of tea or coffee finds its way through the lid opening, just as you turn the cup away? You can’t risk that while HONO is in your pocket. That’s why the removable lid comes alongside a drinking hole seal. You are literally going to get all your coffee.

It fits under the espresso machine!

If there’s one thing that makes HUNU the prom queen, it’s the size. Large enough to be a one-size fits all, but small enough to fit under your favorite coffee shop espresso machine.

Support HUNU on Kickstarter and get your own foldable cup.