Three-sixty degree cameras are awesome! Strapping one on your helmet and go skateboarding, skydiving, bungee-jumping or any of the other thousand activities that would make a great recording. If classic strap-on cameras were fully dependent on the pointing direction of the wearer.

However, 360-degree cameras let you browse around the entire field of view, no matter where Jack the surfer is turning his head to. Sadly, although classic cameras offer FullHD and even 4K resolutions, 360-degree models were usually less effective in terms of video quality. Fortunately, Ricoh promises to change this by offering the first 4K resolution camera with 360 capabilities. Video’s getting real, yo!

There’s a bunch of technical data available on Ricoh Imaging¬†which will make any gadget geek drool on his keyboard. We won’t get into particulars but note that Theta V can record but also live stream 4K content. If you plan on recording videos for later editing, Theta V has enough storage for 40 minutes of 4K videos or up to 130 minutes when recording 2K videos. On the other hand, this camera can store up to 4,800 images onto its 19GB drive.

A spatial 4-way microphone is integrated alongside the 360-degree cameras. Basically, it means that you won’t just be able to browse around the video, but also hear sounds coming right from where you are currently watching. Imagine having like that during a musical parade.

Standard package ($429.95) includes Theta V camera, a soft case and an USB cable. However, you may also acquire various accessories: waterproof housing, 3D microphone, stands or colorful Theta Strap attachments.