Clicking photographs has become easier and easier. All you need is your smartphone. But can the ordinary smartphone lens do proper justice to your talents?

A Touch Of The Artistic

Lomogon has launched a new concept lens that puts the professional back in photography. A wide 32mm focal length perfectly complements a minimum fissuring distance of 0.4 m. In other words, the lens comes close to recapturing the natural effect of our eyes.

You can get up, close and personal to your subject, or just go wide and capture a colourful canvas. The lens produces high contrast, crystal clear resolution to add depth and sharpness to your pictures.

Crafted By The Spirit Of Adventure

The Lomogon seeks to rekindle the true spirit of travel, adventure, and the transparent honesty of the street without any of the digital interference. With a vintage design that honours our analogue past, the lens is assembled by hand, sporting a golden retro design.

Dig a bit deeper, and you will find an aperture mechanism that is built for speed: you can go from one setting to another in the blink of an eye. The aperture has a dial that allows you to rotate trough the various settings without wasting a second.      

Travel and street has come together with the Lomogon lens.


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