I really enjoy writing this piece. However, I am confident that I’d hate writing it again and again, a few dozen times. Repetitive tasks are responsible for losing focus, especially with desk jobs. Turning your phone off, or blocking facebook work only temporarily when wanting to focus. This is because eventually, you will find something else to act on and distract you from the main task.

Mindset headphones use the same technology created for ADHD patients to boost your focus. Apart from soundproofing your ears, Mindset also tracks your concentration level. If you tend to go out of focus, these headphones will send a warning.

Over time, the brain is supposed to adapt to these warnings and allow to user to reach deeper concentration levels. Focus tracking is possible thanks to seamlessly integrated sensors within the headband.

Of course, Mindset headphones provide quality sound. The producer teamed with Onkyo to create a decent audio experience. You can connect Mindset via Bluetooth to get rid of annoying wires. while still preserving quality.

You can now support this product on Kickstarter.