Usually, audiophiles and wireless systems don’t mix. That happens mainly because any signal that’s being transferred through the environment loses quality. Quality loss is detectable even in high-quality audio cables, and much more through wireless transmissions.

However, for those who don’t really want to spend thousands of dollars on audio equipment and also enjoy portability, amplify promises to enhance their audio experience.

How does it work?

Amplify is a 32-bit high-quality DAC at its core. It receives a Bluetooth signal from your phone and transforms it into high resolution audio that is then transferred to your headphones via wire.

The main advantage relies in the fact that you won’t have to extend headphone cords down to your phone pocket. Instead, just attach amplify to your jacket or to the top pocket of your shirt.

Music, calls, 12-hour battery

Amplify has two main strong points: gets better quality sound to your ears and stops the cable from otherwise latching to your hand when you walk or work.

The components fit inside the tiny, quality case are some of the best in their line. Paired with the latest Bluetooth technology, this ensures you actually receive a decent sound. It does however depend on the headphones you are using, as well.

There are also three buttons on the side of amplify which let you control the music volume, skip songs and answer calls without taking out the phone. Amplify also integrates a microphone for when your wired headphones don’t provide one. Your phone’s assistant (Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant) is also just one push of a button away.

Finally, there’s a 3000mAh battery that will provide roughly 12 hours of music playing before needing to be recharged for 3 hours to reach back 100% capacity.

Get your own amplify wireless DAC via Kickstarter ($59+)