It seems the world becomes more and more dependent on technology every day. As a result of technological growth, man searches for easier ways to do everything. So of course, when someone decided to approach the idea of developing Smart Headphones, people lost their minds. Consequently, Vinci (the company in charge) got quite a large amount of support for their new product.

At the time of this writing, they have a couple more days to go. But they’ve more than managed to back their campaign on Kickstarter. This brilliant product is first off, Bluetooth enabled (no surprise there), however, it also comes with wireless charging as well! It also comes with a touch-screen that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. This design is also voice capable, simply say „Hey Vinci” and it snaps to attention. It can pick different songs for you, recommend local venues and more, it’s basically a personal assitant.

Right now if you pledge $100 to the campaign, you guarantee yourself a solid set of these headphones before they go out. Pick yourself up the newest personal assistant in audio gear, because it looks like Vinci is going to be around for a while! Check out their campaign here.