Mobile phones are something that everyone uses regularly without changing or cleaning it often. As time passes by, fingerprints impressions, dust and of course, bacteria get deposited on the mobile screens. When this moment comes, you have to clean it over and over again as the sticky and dusty particles just get adhere to it because of microscopic scratches in the screen.

Of course, you need something to clean the displays with. Regular clothes and sprays are quite expensive and not that effective. Glasses cleaning sprays are better, but they run out very fast. Some clothes can even damage your screen, if they’re surface isn’t adequate. In order to tackle these problems, SKT has come out with an amazing product. They created iRoller – a reusable touchscreen cleaner.

The iRoller provides the user a solution to clean his gadget multiple times with minimum efforts. The technology use in making the product attracts all the dust on the screen in just one roll. Also, it is durable and easy to use. You just go over your screen. It’s like magic. You could reuse it over and over again due to its extra long lifeline.

It can be used for any mobile phone and even the tablets or laptops which make it an all-rounder. Just roll it over on screen and the dust is rinsed with no or very less effort.  It also kills 99,9% of the bacteria found on your device. Did you know that your average smartphone hosts more bacteria than your average toilet? Beside some alcohol sprays, nothing kills the bacteria on your device. [Buy now: $19.99]

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