Reliable Safe You Can Carry Around

And not having to worry about getting back pain from the weight. Most of the time, the idea of a safe renders the picture of a thick-walled vault fit into the wall, hidden behind a painting. SAFEGO molds the concept into a wearable: a portable safebox for your belongings, locked by a sturdy mechanism.

The case of SAFEGO is built from impact resistant ABS plastic. It weighs below 1kg but without risking the safety of your valuables. Furthermore, it provides a sealed enclosure, protecting its inner contents from sand, water, rain, or any other damaging element. This way, you can stuff your phone, wallet and camera inside SAFEGO, hand it by the steel cable and just dive into the pool.

For those willing to listen to music while their phone travels in a safe place, SAFEGO offers a rather convenient headphone access. However, you need to keep the plug hole sealed if you need full water resistance. The lock can be acted upon using either a 3-digit code of your choice or an unique key. SAFEGO comes with two keys and a preset unlock code you can later change.

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