Enjoyment To A Whole New Level

Taking the most out of the music you love takes a lot. Passion should do it, still, but technology, these days, has reached a point where music enjoyment has reached a whole new level. This is why the headphones, the players, the speakers we use get more diverse and all the manufacturers are racing to keep us happy.

This is what the creators of iXOOST Exhaust Speakers have done. For me, they won the race. Their deck looks amazingly beautiful stylized as exhaust pipes. The concept is an embodiment of true original thinking, with each 8-cylinder model hosting a dome tweeter, active sub-woofer speaker inside the real tailpipes, cone midranger and extended midranger. Be prepared to receive the best audio quality with probably the coolest design you can find.

iXOOST – The Coolest Of Things

I like cool stuff, we all do and it’s pretty simple to understand why. Well, iXOOST OTTO speakers qualify in all the aspects, so why not give it a try ? Your tunes will get the impeccable attention they deserve, because the difference is clear.

You can choose between various models, such as the 2013 Williams F1 FW35 (both left and right), 1996 Minardi M195B Ford left,  1978 F1 Cosworth DFV dx and many, many others. Just make sure to check them all, see which one fits your style and, why not, memories and give this buy a green light.




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