Right from the start, this looks like yet another fancy pair of VR glasses. Yet, according to Goovis, you’re actually getting the same experience as from a theoretical 600″ screen. Let’s see how’s that actually possible.

It’s not VR

AS Goovis puts it, the Lite Personal 3D Cinema is just that, a way to watch movies at an insane resolution, not by getting a bigger screen, but actually by having it closer to your eyes. Sound quite counterintuitive, to say the least.

The combination of a 600-inch virtual screen and 42-degrees of FOV is possible through a True 3D Dual M-OLED display. It works with any Android, iOS, console or Windows device and promises to bring on exceptional viewing experiences within a gadget no bigger than a pair of ski goggles.

The specs

There is a cooling airflow system incorporated within the headset that promotes optimal heat dissipation and anti-fogging. Furthermore, you can adjust the diopter to fully enjoy the 2 million to 1 contrast ratio.

In terms of screen quality, you get roughly 53 PPD and 4523 PPI, specs that are unmatched by any physical display.

You can support Goovis Lite on Kickstarter and get the $349 early bird.


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