In this world of innovation and creativity, it seems as if some tools are getting more and out-of-the box. It can produce a lot of products that are just too strange to contemplate. This one however, is not one of those instances. The multi-tool is crafted in such a way that is simple, yet effective in bounds.

It’s built to resemble master keys, and within the depths of these keys lies 20 tools. The full list is on one of the pictures below, but it holds a Paint Lid Closer, Bicycle Spoke Wrench, Wire Snipper, Flat Head Screwdriver and much more!

Alongside its obvious usefulness of attaching directly to your keychain, you never have to worry about it breaking. These tools are made from stainless steel, so the obvious fear of packing too much into one tool is needless. Considering we live in a land where multi-tools are often huge and bulky, it’s nice to have an alternative for those who prefer the minimalist state of mind.

Arguably the best part of this design is the fact that they’ve managed to tie in several different tools into each part. Obviously this was designed to help conserve space on their tiny tool, but it was done in a way without sacrificing the ability of the product.  A tool like this might cost an absurd amount of money, one might think. But the company (which currently is using a kickstarter to get themselves set up) has other ideas. They’ve decided to list their product at $22 dollars!

Keychain Multi-tool 1 Keychain Multi-tool 2 Keychain Multi-tool 3