A Foldable Desk System, The Edge

The Edge is a completely foldable desk system we put our eyes on while screening for another cool Kickstarter project to present to you. First of all, I think the name is rightfully chosen, the edge you need is here, the spark to make you feel you’re always in the right place. The big thing about it is you can install it anywhere and make the most out of your work. The whole working station is built using aluminum, making it sturdy and reliable with the seat looking so comfortable.

For example, working at home should have a whole new definition from now on. You don’t have to waste too much space, just install it quick and organize yourself to a personal best, like never before. The Edge is also ergonomic, not letting you suffer from all the side effects of staying too long over at the office or at the laptop. The table has five angle and height settings.

Work Like a Pro

The desk surface is adjustable, letting you customize it in the best way possible, but giving you no excuses of not entering in complete work mode. Setting it up takes less than a minute and storing it takes so less space, you should make sure you won’t forget where you put it.

You can bring smartphone chargers, light sources, speakers, coffee pots and many others on the table using the patented groove system around the perimeter of the working surface. It’s from this idea that the name came up. If you want one, make sure you support their campaign and be prepared for when the shipping is announced.

Images are courtesy to AOL / Engadget (Shivani Khattar).


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