Many newcomers to vaping might feel overwhelmed with all the vape choices on the market. That can often lead to wasting precious money on the wrong product – such as dupes.

Fake e-cigs have hit the vaping industry hard, rendering potential vapers unable to tell the difference. Therefore, looking out for tell-tale signs of an illegitimate product is crucial.

Continue reading this article as we disclose all the details that make up fake e-cigarettes.

What’s a Fake E-Cig?

Fake e-cigarettes are counterfeit items. They try to mimic a genuine brand manufacturer in all aspects.

A fake e-cig manufacturer will go the extra mile and copy the original packaging and the user manual, making it hard to differentiate the two. Now, the appearance is what makes it difficult for vapers to tell a dupe from an original.

The moment a vaper takes a hit, the quality – or lack of quality – of the e-cig becomes apparent. It’s never close to the real thing and won’t even meet your lowest expectations. 

So, what’s the reason these dupes are so bad? Well, the thing about counterfeit goods is that there’s no quality control. Although the fake might look legit, once you use it, you’ll notice the poor quality in a minute. 

Fake e-cigarettes are cheap and deliver a rather disappointing vaping experience. Manufacturers of counterfeit e-cigarettes don’t pay attention to the quality of the materials they use, nor do they mind the technology they employ to produce the item. 

How to Tell a Fake E-Cig Apart?

In almost all cases, the first look won’t tell you much about whether a vape is fake or the real deal. Counterfeit goods are a spot-on duplicate of the original – they follow the design to the T, so it’s tough to differentiate a fake e-cig from the original.

Nonetheless, there are certain red flags to notice when purchasing your vape:

Mind the Price

If the vape price is insanely low – the e-cig is probably fake. That is usually the case if you notice a seemingly top-notch vape for a fraction of the cost.

For instance, if you come across a vape costing close to $80 on a reputable website, and then you find the „same” one on Amazon for $60, you are looking at a dupe.

Manufacturers of fake e-cigs know that vapers appreciate a good deal, and they think customers won’t think twice before purchasing the vape, believing it’s genuinely on sale. In most cases, there’s a thin line between a genuine vape and a counterfeit one, so always keep the price in mind.

To ensure you’ve bypassed the fakes, always shop online at a certified vaping store and avoid turning to auction sites like eBay, Amazon, and others.

Look for Authenticity Codes

The majority of reputable e-cig brands are well aware of the fact that their products are subject to counterfeit. Because of that reason, manufacturers incorporate a unique authenticity code. 

In most cases, e-cig brands place the code on a designated area on the packaging that should be scratched to reveal the code. Once you’ve found it, type it on the manufacturer’s website, and you’ll get info on the legitimacy of the product.

Now, there’s an unfortunate twist. Fake e-cig manufacturers have gone the extra mile and copied the code and put it on all counterfeit goods – one code for all items. 

When you enter the code on the brand’s website, if you notice someone else has checked it before you, you can be assured it’s fake.

What to Do if You Realize Your E-Cig Is Fake

Well, sadly, in reality, your hands are pretty much tied. Once you’ve purchased the vape, checked the code, and it came back as a dupe – there’s all it is to it. You have most probably kissed your money goodbye.

In most cases, if the shop that sold you the vape has also been doublecrossed – the e-cig distributor might be to blame. 

Yet, if you’re adamant about getting your money back, you’ll be in it for quite a long ride. 

You can try reaching out to the vape shop for a refund. If you’ve purchased your vape from a legitimate business, they would want to know there’s an impostor in their selection of e-cigs. 

On the other hand, if the clerk at the shop assures you the dupe is as good as the original – run! They have probably consciously sold you a fake.

The Dangers of E-Cigarettes

Many vapers don’t mind using a fake vape, but what they don’t know is that illegal vape copies are hazardous. They think that if it breaks sooner than later, they can replace the vape with a new one since it’s much cheaper. 

But there’s more to it. Here are some reasons you should avoid fake e-cigs:

  • Fake e-cigs are unreliable;
  • The items heat up too quickly and make it painful to hold them;
  • They can cause burns;
  • Fake e-cigs tend to overheat and burn the vape juice, which can generate toxins;
  • You might end up inhaling tiny metal particles due to low-quality coils;
  • The current isn’t appropriately dispersed due to poor technology.

 We could go on listing the downsides of fake e-cigs, but the few we listed paint a good picture of the hazards of counterfeit vapes.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Deception of Fake E-Cigs

Don’t blame yourself if you’ve ended up with a fake e-cig. Counterfeit goods look so real nowadays that vapers can get easily tricked into buying a dupe. 

Before giving away your money, research the price of the vape you are eyeing. If you see the vape for $40 on a website and then come across the same one costing only $20, you are most likely looking at a fake.

Checking for authenticity codes can help, but if you find out someone else opened the code numerous times, you’re dealing with a fake.

Mind the price, know the code, and shop from trusted vendors – it’s the best you can do to save yourself from ending up with a fake e-cig.