Ugh, shaky videos! It doesn’t get much more annoying than when you are trying to capture that amazing moment in your life, but your hands tremble. Modern smartphones feature extremely versatile cameras. If you take a glance at major brands’ flagship models such as the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8, you’ll notice an array of ultra definition sensors and lens.

However, no matter how good your smartphone camera is, stabilization is still a problem. Although there are various software gimmicks that try to digitally remove shakiness, they rarely have the desired effect.

A mechanical alternative to shaky videos is provided by FlowMotion ONE. This compact smartphone stabilizer works with almost any smartphone and camera (including GoPro) promises to turn potentially crappy videos into fluid moments. 

Apart from eliminating camera shake, FlowMotion ONE is lightweight and compact. You can carry it in your back pocket after use; no need for a bag or case. According to FlowMotion CMO, Didrik Dimmen, this gadget is built not just for filmmakers. It is easy and intuitive enough to be used in almost any field, from sports to engineering.

There’s a tracking system integrated with FlowMotion ONE which can be programmed to follow a particular moving element (for example someone running) while also stabilizing the image. FlowMotion ONE can also take professionally looking panoramic pictures for landscapes or city views.

FlowMotion ONE raised over $1.6 million in crowdfunding in just 50 days. Althought he campaign is over, you can still preorder your own stabilizer on FlowMotion website for $250. Package includes the stabilizer, joystick, premium travel case, tripod mount and USB charging cable.