Introducing the next working table for the handyman in your life. The sawhorse table of the past may just be coming to its end. After all, why have a horse when you can have a pegasus? Terrible puns and rhetorical questions aside, there’s a new product on the market. The WORX Pegasus Folding table combines two essential work tools in one. The Pegasus table combines the benefits of a working table and a saw horse in one.

As a working table, it can easily hold up to 300 pounds. When you adjust it to the sawhorse mode, it increases drastically, holding up to 1000 pounds. It also has clamps that are available to assist in any holding patterns you require. The clamps, being of two different kinds, are built in ways that serve specific ways. Both the quik-clamps and the clamp dogs are included in the table for a multitudeĀ of uses.

One of the best parts is the fact that you can easily store it. Much like how you store saw-horses, the WORX Pegasus actually folds flat. Flat enough to where you can easily store it without much problem. The entire piece is designed for its ability to be as convenient as possible.

But what truly is noteworthy is the successful design it has. Not only do they provide everything you could need with the table, but there are zero issues reported with it. You don’t need to fear the single sawhorse design it provides. The pegasus is the next step in convenience.

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