Wireless charging through Qi systems is already here, but widespread implementation isn’t yet possible due to technology limitations. This is why we are looking for charging cables which can do their job but also resist bending, accidental stretching and other types of wear. ZUS Kevlar charging cable promises not just to be resilient, but maybe even outlive you.


Kevlar, like bulletproof vest kevlar?

Indeed. Kevlar is being, for quite some time now, used for more than just military safety applications. Given it has a reasonable weight, elasticity and high resilience to damage, kevlar is used by ZUS to offer protection against what regular cables fail on; putting the desk over it, bend, etc. And we’re being demonstrated the capacities of the ZUS cable by a rottweiler.


According to TUV testing labs in Germany, ZUS cable withstood 15 thousand 180 degree bends before it ceased – 50% more than a regular commercial cable.

ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable

The USB plug is built at a 90-degree angle from the axis of the cable, to provide better fit for tight spaces – this way the cable flows along the side of your laptop instead of going perpendicularly away from it. This also creates a convenient form for in-car charging of your gadgets. ZUS also states that they’ve generated the perfect length for the cable (1.2 meters or 48 inches), being neither too long or too short.

Fast charging

Being designed as a charging cable rather than a data cable, ZUS offers speed charging functionality (for USB ports supporting this feature) without the danger of burning the inner connectors inside the cable.

ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable

There are three ZUS cable types currently available on ZUS kickstarter campaign: microUSB for Android devices, lightning for Apple smartphones or tablets, and USB-A to USB-C for MacBook products.