The Smart Gadget Called KPHOB

We’ve all been there at least once before. In the last couple of months. When you leave the front door at home or at office and, after walking less than one hundred yards, you start wondering if you locked the door(s) properly. This gives a status of high insecurity and stress, sometimes forcing us to turn around and check if everything’s ok.

Now, the problem with it is that in 30% of thefts and burglaries, the evildoers get inside the house through an open door, without resorting to violence or force. This is data provided by the authorities. So, what’s the answer? A smart gadget called KPHOB. A key fob registering the time and date of the times you lock the door. It’s like a log of locking/unlocking actions. So,  if and when doubts arise, you check the records and maintain your calm state.

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This is a Kickstarter project which should make it to reality, because I can only imagine that, after using it for one day, it should become indispensable. The concept is smart and reliable, with the technology used being so clever. KPHOB makes use of two sensing methods in order to detect any key usage or rotations.

The principle making it work requires tiny magnets to be inserted on the doors. They are, of course, permanent. The magnet is the activator of the proximity sensor found inside the key fob. Now, when the key fob is five cm or less from the door, the device will wake up from standby mode. The date and the time of the action is now registered. The trick is you could just go around the door, activate the sensor and have an entry processed. This could also be a risk when in vicinity of any magnet, not only those placed on the doors. This is solved using a magnetometer, measuring the orientation of the key fob – indirectly measuring the key’s movement towards the magnet and the door.


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