A Choice Of Flagshipping

We all know the bitten apple. So far, thanks both to their magnificent products and marketing, Apple is one of the most renowned brands. And one of their most respected, trusted and used creations is the iPhone, launched in one-year-spanned generations, a smartphone setting the tone in the business. So far, we all know, everything we’ve seen was flagship. But in 2016, they decided to release their first “lite”, called iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE is a combination of the fifth and sixth (latest) generations. Basically, inside the 4-inch display we should find some specifications dating back from 2013 along with the newer ones. That is all, of course, coming with a cheaper, more affordable price tag. This decision produced tidal waves in tech lovers’ world, mainly because it’s contrary to the policy which granted them so much fame. They say, of course, it’s all about expanding range, but many are still skeptical about this move. But let’s see if Apple has actually lowered the bar or just stirred up the ingredients of yet another success.

iPhone SE – Or How A Brit Once Called It: “Less Is More”

Apple likes to call it the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever. That is entirely correct, mainly because not so many 4-inch smartphones are made any more. The SE holds a 64-bit Apple A9 processor embedded with the M9 motion co-processor, the same specification as the 6S. The “Hey Siri” hands-free feature and the 12-megapixel iSight camera are also present, borrowed from the same 6S. The camera is top notch, allowing you to capture 4K and a dual-tone flash. The front camera is the 1.2-megapixel sensor, and the storage capacity options available are 16GB and 64GB.

The newest addition to the roster comes with an improved battery life, new microphones, faster LTE and Wi-Fi and the Apple Pay support, establishing itself more and more as a different and better phone than the 5th generations’ flagship. Personally, I see the iPhone SE as a modern and powerful update for the aforementioned gadget. So if you’re in doubt whether you should go for it, don’t. It’s a great phone, has all the iPhone components and is an improved way of doing business. Of course not everyone will agree, but in the end, the iPhone Special Edition is not a lower end iPhone 6, is a 5s hundreds of times better. The MSRP currently stands at $399.


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