It’s a beautiful way to start a fresh morning. Toast bread, waffles, croissants or anything else. The steam toaster from Balmuda is no ordinary kitchen appliance. How so? Well, one word only: steam. It’s with only this magic word that the kitchen device becomes so hard to get. Waiting queues sometimes even get three months long in stores from Japan. Your mornings will attain a newer and refreshed resonance.

The one we look at right now is full of capabilities. The process does not only contain a blast of heat on your food. It’s a cycle, which needs to be completed, step by step. Like so, your food becomes moisturized while so crisp. Temperatures rise inside, from 60 Celsius, up to 220 at the end. Flavors improve, and the high price of the unit matches the satisfaction you get. Lest we forget about the manual and the guidebook, they’re only in Japanese.

There are five different modes of operation. Toast, cheese toast, french bread, croissant and classic. While not being a combi-steam stove, the Balmuda steam toaster has a functionality we can classify as top notch. You can clean it with ease, as it’s not likely to wear, scratch or rust. With a high quality finish and attention to detail, you don’t need to worry about where you’ll place it, the dimensions are more than fair. Give it a further look here and decide if it’s for you or not.

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