Why would you need a heavyweight laptop when a lightweight tablet can perform just as well? That is exactly the question the Libra Keyboard brings to mind with its unique ability to transform an iPad Pro into an easy-typing laptop.

Just Like A MacBook

When you see the Libra in action, you can be forgiven for thinking that a MacBook and not an iPad sits in front of you. The Bluetooth keyboard is so simple to use and yet so vital in its function that you may just want to hand out a Nobel to the designers.

All you need to do is attach the iPad Pro, in landscape mode, to the raised ledges of the Libra, and you are good to go.

What will most certainly impress you is that the keyboard performs like a fully-functioning MacBook keypad: There are a row of iOS keys with which you can adjust the screen brightness, volume, and other important functions.

The other impressive feature is that the Libra features a similar ‘chiclet’ design for its keypads and is designed in a similar aesthetic to the MacBook keypad with a space grey body contrasted with black keys.  

Puts The Pro In The iPad

The Libra Keyboard transforms the iPad into a versatile, fully functioning writing machine with which you can work as well as play.