Sounds of the Future

Today, at Tech Guide, we’d like to introduce to you a technology in the making. It is the first wearable instrument, called Remidi, and basically it serves as a glove able to work as a midi processor. If you have ever dreamt of creating your own original music but never had the chance to learn how or if all the materials needed seemed to expensive, this is your chance now. Also, if you’re a professional and looking to expand your area of expertise, support Remidi and take your creation to new highs.

Remidi was codenamed T8 and the designers say this is the first time that learning an instrument is all about fun. It sound a bit like the sound of the future to me. Using Remidi, you can control strings, piano, drums, VJ software and all the other inifinite combinations of sound. The T8 is not only easy to use, but lightweight, ergonomic and resilient.

Remidi is Cool for Many Other Reasons

In addition to the glove whose gestures are producing the sound, there is a also bracelet. The latter functions as the MIDI controller of the ensemble. The glove features eight pressure sensors, sensible at touching any kind of surface. Try something flat and firm for control or something smooth and not so steady for a more experimental sound. The technology used combines the pressure sensitive sensors and gesture controls, allowing you to alter the tone, the reverb, duration or tempo of the effect. Everything is, of course,app-controlled.

I know you’re excited by now just as much as I am. Thing is, this is cool for many other reasons than simplicity: it’s eco-friendly, there are no (so far reported) health issues after using it, your imagination will be stimulated to expand beyond the limits you have known so far and you will interact with everything around you, by creating the purest form of art, music.